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Best Domestic Cleaner in Washington D.C.

Exceptional cleaning is at the heart of our business. We pride ourselves on our impeccable standards, yet we won’t be outdone on value. At Kemp'S Cleaning, we have a diverse range of cleaning services, including domestic and office cleaning, carpet cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning, as well as other services such as ironing. Come in and see us at anytime or give us a call.

Our cleaning services are the very best

Alongside our cleaning services, Kemp'S Cleaning also offer a full laundry and ironing service to our customers. Ironing can be slotted into your regular domestic cleaning or can be booked separately. Our highly trained cleaners are also ironing experts, and will ensure that every item is crease-free. We will iron all items from shirts to bedsheets, towels to t-shirts - simply let us know what you’d like ironed and we’ll do it for you. It’s another pesky chore that we do for you.

We offer quality services

Our specialist team of qualified cleaners are available at short notice, to visit your property and address your cleaning requirements. We pride ourselves on using industry-leading products and techniques to leave your home or office sparkling. Whether you’re looking for end of tenancy cleaning or after party cleaning, we guarantee a fast and efficient service, leaving you free to do anything else. Read through our list of cleaning solutions now and choose the right option for your property.

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